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  • How To Clean Plantation Shutters

    Many home owners love to remodel the look of their homes and that look also includes the window coverings. Plantation shutters are a beautiful choice and they can highlight the style of the room that they are in. However, to keep them looking ...

    Posted on October 15 2019

  • How to Fix Plantation Shutters

    Plantation Shutters are not just a product, but an investment. Shutters last decades if well-cared for and can increase the value of a home. The main parts of a shutter panel are the top rail, mid-rail, bottom rail, louvers, which allow as much ...

    Posted on September 17 2019

  • How to Shorten Window Blinds

    Window Blinds are a commodity that most people own or have owned. You move to a new house and your old windows were longer than the new ones. You bought new blinds and mistakenly got them too long. If ...

    Posted on August 31 2019

  • How to Clean Horizontal Blinds

    Cleaning the window blinds around your home is an important task often overlooked. Horizontal blinds quickly collect dust, pet hair, and other kinds of dander which can ruin your view out the window and continue to float in the air around your ...

    Posted on August 15 2019

  • How Do Top Down Bottom Up Blinds Work

    Top Down Bottom Up Blinds are a somewhat newer form than the usual and were created to fulfill some of the benefits that other types of window coverings do not possess. For example, consider the following:

    Posted on July 30 2019

  • Solar Shades Offer Versatile Lighting and Privacy Options

    While there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to window coverings, solar shades possess a number of features that curtains, blinds and other types of window coverings are unable to provide. From superior privacy and the ability to ...

    Posted on July 14 2019

  • How To Choose The Right Window Treatments

    Window treatments are essential when redesigning indoor spaces. When considering window treatments, we need to think about a lot of factors to arrive at what works perfectly. Unfortunately, these add-ons come as an afterthought for most ...

    Posted on April 20 2019

  • What are Plantation Shutters

    Different parts of your home may require different window treatment considerations. North-facing windows may be colder and experience more wind. West-facing windows can be hotter with later direct sunlight. Cafe style shutters are a workable ...

    Posted on April 10 2019

  • Overtones Review

    We have been selling Comfortex Window Treatments for over 20 years, they’re a great company.  A few months ago they re-launched one of the prettiest and most versatile shades we’ve ever sold.  It’s called the Comfortex ...

    Posted on July 20 2017

  • Everything you wanted to know about Window Treatments.

    2 inch Horizontal Blind: Pros: affordable, versatile, practical, provide a high level of light blockage and control, several different manufacturers to choose from. Cons: Not a blind designed to be raised and lowered a lot. Best suited to turning ...

    Posted on August 09 2014

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