We have been selling Comfortex Window Treatments for over 20 years, they’re a great company.  A few months ago they re-launched one of the prettiest and most versatile shades we’ve ever sold.  It’s called the Comfortex Overtone.  It has been redesigned, has more fabric options, and has really been refined over the first generation.  It has become one of our most popular shades and for good reason.

The shade’s fabric vanes can be opened at any height allowing you to see through a sheer.  They are double sided roller shades that bypass each other while raising or lowering the shade.  They have a nicely finished fabric wrapped headrail and the bottom rail is also fabric wrapped.  I think the bottom rail is a very nice touch and a definite improvement over the last generation.

The Overtone is also a very light shade to operate.  Since there are only two sides of fabric and half of it is a sheer, there isn’t much material on the shade, making it lighter to raise than most shades.  It’s a great option for the double windows we see so often.  If someone wants to raise the shades all the way to the top often, the Overtone is a great choice because of how light it is.

The Overtone does have some limitations.  The maximum width the Overtone will go is 100 inches.  That’s just a few inches wider than the most common size sliding glass door of 8 feet wide.  Although the Overtone does have two room darkening fabrics, it’s not a very darkening shade.  The Overtone has inherent light gaps very similar to a roller shade which lets in a considerable amount of light.  Also, the fabric vanes don’t exactly snap shut.  What I’m saying is it’s not a great bedroom shade for light sleepers or rooms that face due east and receive a lot of morning light.  The Overtone is only available with a cord loop control as well, motorization is not yet available.

I personally have an Overtone in my dining room.  It’s a first generation and I don’t really operate it often because I don’t need the privacy there.  But it sure is pretty.  I’m including some pictures from the showroom sample we have here in the shop, some pictures of the fabric book, and a picture of a sliding glass door we installed not long ago.  The customer had a 3 panel, 12 foot sliding glass door, we put a four foot Overtone on the side of the slider they go in and out of, and an 8 foot Overtone on the other two panels.  I think they turned out beautifully. 

There are over 13 fabric choices in the new book.  Each fabric selection has at least three colors.  There are also different styles of sheers, some are very fine and some are more open.  I’ll include some pictures.  Also they have different vane sizes, most of them are 3 inches but there are a couple patterns with five inch stripes.  We haven’t sold any of the five inch vanes yet, I think it’d have to be a pretty tall window for them to fit, but I think they’d look great. 

Feel free to come in the shop and look at the book and play with our samples.  Rick would always bring the book with him when we come out to measure as well.  Overtones are installed within three weeks of the order date.  Please call or email us with any questions.  Thanks for reading!