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Horizontal Blinds
Horizontal Blinds
Horizontal Blinds

Window Blinds Naples & Bonita Springs, FL

Horizontal window blinds are the most common window covering around because they're just so practical. They're the one treatment that can absolutley go into every single room in the house and cover all various needs. They can make a room very dark and you can control just how much light you want in the room. They are also the most economical window covering available in most cases.

Horizontal window blinds come in 2 and 2.5 inch louvers and we've taken to the faux wood louvers because they'll never warp. We also have real bass wood horizontals but with the amount of heat and humidity here in Florida they will start to warp after several years.

Horizontal blinds are not really designed to be raised and lowered often however, they are very heavy treatments and lifting them puts a lot of stress on the strings. The one time I will reccomend the bass wood blind is if a customer really wants to raise and lower it often though, the wood is lighter than the faux wood.

When you have a whole house of windows to cover the cost can get up there pretty quick. One the best ways to stay in line with the budget is to put horizontals in guest bedrooms. Those tend to be rooms that don't get used as much and often with several different purposes. The blind is ideal here, it can make the room dark enough for when company visits but gives you plenty of light if you use it as an office or exercise room. Garages are another perfect place for a faux wood blind. The excessive heat and humidity can be tough on any treatment which really limits us to faux blinds, vinyl shutters, or a sunscreen roller shade. The price point of the window blind trumps the other options while giving you all the privacy and light control needed.


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These folks are great! I needed to replace a large motorized blind. I called two other companies before finding AAA Blind Factory of Bonita Springs. The other companies didn't return calls, were late for appointments, and didn't offer good solutions. I'm so glad I decided to try a third time and called AAA. They booked an appointment the next day to take a look at my blind. Rick arrived exactly on time (literally to the minute). He was clearly familiar with the brand of the existing shade and gave me a reasonable proposal on the spot. Then the next day he called back to say he had talked with the manufacturer and that they could replace just the fabric and keep the existing motor, which saved me a ton of money. Gary (the scheduler) got us on the calendar right away. And Jim (the installer) was great -- he showed up right on time, worked fast, was really careful, and even showed us features we didn't know existed (the original installer hadn't programmed them into the controls). I really can't say enough good things about these guys. From sales to scheduling to service they made the whole process really easy, they offered the best solutions, and they still had the best price (in part because they know their products well enough to offer better solutions). Great experience. Will recommend these folks in a heartbeat to neighbors.

- Kevin G - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory


Phenomenal customer service! They made it a super easy process. Can't wait to get my shade!

- Kathy A - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory


I've had two great experiences with AAA Blind Factory in Bonita. When we bought our condo, there was a problem with the roller shades. We had two different companies come out and take a look. One said they couldn't be fixed and would have to be replaced with something completely different. The other said they could be repaired but at a very high cost. Then someone recommended I call Rick at AAA. He worked with the manufacturer to solve the problem at a fraction of the cost of replacement and without the hassle of a whole new installation. He took care of all the details (which included shipping a 12' roll back to the factory). A year later we asked Rick to take a look at another large window. He came up with a solution that looks better and cost less than we expected. Two great experiences. I've recommended Rick and AAA to neighbors without hesitation.

- Joseph Tucci - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory


Outstanding customer service! They went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction and did so in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again and will be recommending them to all my family and friends.

- Husam Albeldawi - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory