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Large Window Treatments
Large Window Treatments
Large Window Treatments

Window Treatments for Large Windows

Sliding glass doors are usually the largest openings we cover. Naturally treatments that move from side to side are the preferred options to move with the doors.

Many homes also have very large windows as well. Big picture windows in the living room or dining room are common and many master bedrooms also have large triple windows typically 108 inches wide by around 62 inches high. The vast sizes of these openings can create some problems, mainly the weight of the treatment that has to be lifted. There's just a lot of shade or blind there and depending on the treatment it can be heavy. What good is a treatment if you can't use the thing?

Sunscreen roller shades are an excellent choice on most windows in the home except for privacy rooms. The roller shade is a relativley light treatment but at those sizes can still be quite heavy to raise. The Galaxy clutch by RollEase is an excellent option to lighten the load. The Galaxy clutch has a spring built into the clutch that coils when the shade is lowered, so when it's time to raise the shade the energy stored in the spring helps raise the shade considerably. I think the Galaxy clutch takes 20-30% off the lifting force of the shade which makes a huge difference. They're so effective that the roller shade is the number one option for an up and down shade on a sliding glass door strictly because of the Galaxy clutch and naturally they work great on large windows.

The Honeycomb Cellular shade, the Comfortex Overtone double roller shade, and the Hunter Douglas Silhouette sheer shade are all viable options as well because they're lighter than many of the other options. The Honeycomb and Silhouette can be cordless as well up to seven feet high (84 inches). With a cordless shade


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I just moved and a repeat customer. Once again, I couldn't be more pleased! They offer a high quality product (for me, plantation shutters) at a reasonable cost. Both appointments for the estimate/measurements and installation were timely. All went smoothly. Great people to work with. Who could ask for more? I have recommended them to friends/neighbors and they had the same experience. Very happy with AAA Blind Factory!

- Paula Lefebvre - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory


The whole package, great price, excellent customer service and quality installation all done quickly and in the timeframe they promised.

- Jim Clark - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory


I have not received my blinds yet, but let me tell you, AAA Blind Factory is the best. They came out and measured my sliders, I provided them with a deposit check. Unbeknownst to me, I had torn off 2 checks and they had a blank check of mine. Yesterday in the mail, they had returned my blank check! Thank you AAA Blind for being honest and taking the customer service up many more notches.

- Peggy Williams - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory


I've had two great experiences with AAA Blind Factory in Bonita. When we bought our condo, there was a problem with the roller shades. We had two different companies come out and take a look. One said they couldn't be fixed and would have to be replaced with something completely different. The other said they could be repaired but at a very high cost. Then someone recommended I call Rick at AAA. He worked with the manufacturer to solve the problem at a fraction of the cost of replacement and without the hassle of a whole new installation. He took care of all the details (which included shipping a 12' roll back to the factory). A year later we asked Rick to take a look at another large window. He came up with a solution that looks better and cost less than we expected. Two great experiences. I've recommended Rick and AAA to neighbors without hesitation.

- Joseph Tucci - Another 5 Star Rating for AAA Blind Factory