Window coverings come in all sizes, shapes, materials, colors, patterns, and styles. They are manufactured to do their jobs but can also fit in with whatever decor a room possesses.

Top Down Bottom Up Blinds are a somewhat newer form than the usual and were created to fulfill some of the benefits that other types of window coverings do not possess. For example, consider the following:

  • They are practical because you can lift them from the bottom to see outside or lower them from the top to allow natural sunlight into the room while maintaining privacy. Also allowed is a middle view so that you don't have to choose between a full view or full privacy in the bottom part of the window.
  • That type of blind has a modern and chic look and can be made of pretty fabric and not out of hard and plain wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Now you can bring the softness and elegance of a choice of fabrics right into your rooms.
  • Cordless control is very important, especially when there are children and/or pets in the household who could get caught in a cord with serious consequences. The typical cord system means that the length of the cord changes as it moves the blinds up and down, and when you have pulled the cord all the way, it is about twice the height of the window. The cord then dangles and floats on the floor. Top Down Bottom Up Blinds have two sets of cords, so you don't want them to be even more dangerous. It is certainly safer to move the blinds with the touch of your hand on a small plastic handle or tab.
  • A Magnet Closure between the middle rail and the top rail eliminates a possible light gap where the rails meet and can also keep the middle rail from becoming slanted or crooked and not sitting tight with the top rail. These annoyances can upset you, and it is nice to know that they can be corrected.

Lift your experience of having blinds to being truly able to enjoy them when you choose Top Down Bottom Up Blinds. You can schedule a FREE in-home consultation where you can get many more details, ask any questions you may have, and see and select from a variety of these window coverings and their systems that will enhance your home and your life.