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Category: Hunter Douglas Posts

  • How to Shorten Window Blinds

    Window Blinds are a commodity that most people own or have owned. You move to a new house and your old windows were longer than the new ones. You bought new blinds and mistakenly got them too long. If ...

    Posted on August 31 2019

  • What are Plantation Shutters

    Different parts of your home may require different window treatment considerations. North-facing windows may be colder and experience more wind. West-facing windows can be hotter with later direct sunlight. Cafe style shutters are a workable ...

    Posted on April 10 2019

  • Everything you wanted to know about Window Treatments.

    2 inch Horizontal Blind: Pros: affordable, versatile, practical, provide a high level of light blockage and control, several different manufacturers to choose from. Cons: Not a blind designed to be raised and lowered a lot. Best suited to turning ...

    Posted on August 09 2014

  • New Vertical Blinds & Window Coverings in our Showroom

    Sometimes we get so busy installing and repairing other peoples window treatments we forget to take care of and upgrade ours in the showroom.  I’ve got a couple of blinds that I’ve made fun of for years that I’m not going ...

    Posted on March 20 2014

  • Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Rebates

    Our two main suppliers of window treatments, Hunter Douglas and Comfortex, are currently giving some rebates for some of their products.  Comfortex is giving a $25 Rebate for every 2 inch Shangri-La Sheer Horizontal Treatment, Cellular ...

    Posted on February 12 2014

  • Hunter Douglas Solera is fantastic!!

    The newest edition to the Hunter Douglas family is the Hobbled Roman Shade called the Solera.  It is beautiful, elegant, and easy to operate.  What I really like best about it is the way it compacts so neatly at the top head rail when ...

    Posted on December 28 2013

  • Hunter Douglas' new fabric Roman shade the Solera

    [Hunter Douglas]( "") just came out with a new hobbled fabric Roman shade called the Solera. It has some very elegant fabrics that come in ...

    Posted on September 18 2013

  • New Hunter Douglas Duette fabrics

    I just got my new Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb book in and it has every color there is it seems. The Duette line of honeycomb's is Hunter Douglas's designer brand of fabrics which is a bit more expensive, but equally as luxurious. Stop ...

    Posted on June 22 2013

  • Pleated Shades making a comeback

    For several years now the pleated shade had been replaced by the honeycomb shade. But now they’re making a comeback. We have just received our new Hunter Douglas pleated shade book and there are a lot of new fabrics and styles to choose ...

    Posted on May 03 2013

  • Sunscreens and Roller Shades, always a great option

    Roller shades also known as Sunscreens are an excellent product that work in every room in the home or office.  At AAA Blind Factory we carry the best products from Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, Phifer Sheerweave, and Mermet.  Roller ...

    Posted on October 23 2012

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