Cleaning the window blinds around your home is an important task often overlooked. Horizontal blinds quickly collect dust, pet hair, and other kinds of dander which can ruin your view out the window and continue to float in the air around your home. Keeping your blinds clean is simple and it will only take a few minutes to see great results.

Tools Needed

There are a few different methods to effectively clean horizontal blinds. One method often used is wiping each blind with a damp cloth. But, combining water with dust build up can create an even bigger mess and should only be used for excessive build up. For quick cleaning of moderate dust build up, the following dry tools are recommended for the best results:

  • Vacuum cleaner with brush attachment
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Microfiber blind duster (optional in place of cloths)

Simple Cleaning Steps

The following steps will work for any kind of horizontal blinds (plastic, vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc.):

  1. Close the blinds. Holding the blinds still with one hand, use the other hand to wipe away dust using a microfiber cloth. Begin at the top and work your way down is loosened and falls off. If you do not have a microfiber cloth, use your vacuum on its lowest setting with a brush attachment.
  2. Open your blinds and then close them with the other side (the side that has not been cleaned) facing towards you. Repeat the process from above with your microfiber cloth or vacuum with brush attachment.
  3. Use your vacuum with brush attachment to clean any dust or dander that has fallen around or below the blinds.

Thorough Cleaning of Heavy Dust Build-Up

If your blinds have been long neglected or are in an area such as the kitchen where they are exposed to grease, they may need a more thorough cleaning. The following steps will work for all kinds of blinds except for wood:

  1. Begin with the Simple Cleaning Steps listed above to clean off as much build up as possible.
  2. Fill a tub or large sink with warm water and remove blinds from the window.
  3. Soak blinds in the warm water for about one hour.
  4. Take blinds out of the water and wipe away remaining dust and water.
  5. Reinstall blinds in the window once blinds have dried completely.

If your wooden blinds have excessive buildup:

  1. Begin with the Simple Cleaning Steps to remove as much build up as possible.
  2. Spray a wood cleaner on your microfiber cloth and repeat the simple cleaning steps using cleaner and cloth until all dust has been removed. (Water is NOT recommended for use on wooden blinds.)

Using this simple process, it will be easy to add this into your cleaning routine. It's recommended that you clean all the horizontal blinds in your home every 2-3 weeks to prevent excessive build up. Enjoy your clear view outside through your freshly cleaned blinds!