While there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to window coverings, solar shades possess a number of features that curtains, blinds and other types of window coverings are unable to provide. From superior privacy and the ability to block light from outside the home more effectively to unique and eye-catching designs able to compliment a wider range of surroundings, a solar shade can often be the best option for window treatments. Learning more about what makes these shades unique can allow home and property owners to more easily find and select window coverings that may be better suited to their needs.

Adjusting Interior Light Levels

Closing the curtains or adjusting the blinds in an effort to control lighting and illumination within a room or an interior environment can produce a range of different effects depending on the type of covering in use. Slat-blinds are notorious for the gaps and cracks that may allow sunlight in while curtains may do little more than produce a dimming effect. Solar shades are ideal for those situations where unwanted light continues to find a way through existing window coverings. For rooms and environments that need to be better insulated from outside lighting, a solar shade can often be the best option.

Privacy and Seclusion

Solar shades can do more than just block sunlight from entering a room. Blinds that fail to effectively occlude a window can become a real problem, especially in situations where privacy may be of paramount importance. A solar shade is constructed from a single piece of fabric, making it much more effective for creating and maintaining a more secluded atmosphere. Depending on the material used, a solar shade can offer different levels of transparency, and selecting a blind that offers complete occlusion is essential when privacy is the top concern.

UV Protection

Ultra-violet light can cause considerable damage to surfaces and materials that are not properly protected. Flooring materials, fabric furniture and other materials that may fade or wear out due to prolonged sun exposure may enjoy superior protection thanks to solar shades. Blinds and curtains that fail to provide an effective barrier could lead to uneven color fading or an increased risk that exposed materials may suffer damage over time. When it comes to protecting furniture and belongings from UV exposure, a solar shade can be essential.

Styles and Designs

The other unique feature made possible with the single-sheet design of solar shades is the range of colors, styles and design options that can be made available. Trying to print patterns and graphics on conventional slat-blinds can be all but impossible and even embroidered curtains may be too easily wrinkles or distorted to effectively showcase the most intricate patterns and designs. These shades can feature a seemingly infinite range of designs, styles and decorative patterns that can make it much easier to find the window covering. A solar shade can provide a handsome accent, one that is able to compliment a wide range of environments, decors and interior design schemes.