Window treatments are essential when redesigning indoor spaces. When considering window treatments, we need to think about a lot of factors to arrive at what works perfectly. Unfortunately, these add-ons come as an afterthought for most homeowners. You will need to ask yourself a few critical questions to ensure you choose the right window treatment. What is your goal? Are you considering window treatment to increase privacy? Do you need more light in your room? Here is everything you need to know.

Semi-Sheer Window Treatments:  This option ensures that you have privacy while still allowing natural light to brighten the space. It comes in fabric form. Semi-sheer treatments come in handy in areas such as the living room where people gather and talk or eat. At times, if the privacy desired isn’t met, you can combine the semi-sheer curtains with another complementary treatment for improved privacy.

Blackout Shutters:  Blackout shades block out light entirely from the outside. It is, therefore, suitable for spaces that don’t require sunlight such as baby nap rooms and rooms used by shift workers to rest in the day. This may be a dense and dark fabric lining that blocks all light from getting into the room. Shutters are also used to prevent light. You can pick shutters with your preferred color to ensure it matches the rest of the walls or theme.

Privacy Depth:  Some rooms require more privacy than others depending on the use of the room. These spaces include the bedroom, bathroom, workstations and changing rooms. Most homeowners would love to conclude that privacy comes at the cost of lighting. However, you could still enjoy both. Here are some alternatives:

  • Functional curtain panels can help you meet this objective. They are drawn open when you need light for work or without switching on the lights. You can also close them when you desire more privacy. Depending on the required confidentiality, you will choose curtain fabric by thickness.
  • Cellular shades are thick fabric curtains that let in light while maintaining privacy. They also come in decorative forms to pair up as add-ons for the interior decor. Many are designed with a honeycomb design and come in a variety of options.

Tiers are essential when you want deep privacy as well as light. They are designed to hang on a short rod pocket panel that lets it cover a third of the lower side of the window. This design allows light to come in through the top side of the window while blocking sight at the bottom portion of the window. That way, you achieve both privacy and lighting.

Many interior designers recommend customized pieces. Custom made window treatments are tailored, measured and installed to meet the unique needs of the homeowner. It's important to ask yourself why you need the curtains before proceeding to select the right one for you.