Many home owners love to remodel the look of their homes and that look also includes the window coverings. Plantation shutters are a beautiful choice and they can highlight the style of the room that they are in. However, to keep them looking pretty they must be cleaned properly and frequently.

Plantation shutters not only add beauty to a room; they also add a lot of brightness and light. If it gets too hot, they can be easily closed and then opened up later when it cools down. They can be taken out to be cleaned. Usually, the one on the left can be always opened and the one on the right can be cleaned after it is slid out. Once this is accomplished, they can easily be wiped down and kept fresh looking.

To begin cleaning, a dry duster should be used. This is simple cleaning at its best. Even a feather duster can be used. After using the duster, a brush attachment made for soft upholstery from a vacuum can finish the dusting job. A correct power setting should be used. Just by dusting them regularly the shutters will keep their fresh look. A weekly dusting is all that is necessary to achieve that goal. Then they can be wiped down using a dry microfiber cloth that does not shed any fibers.

Everyone has a toothbrush at home and using a soft one can remove any dust that is collected in the corners. If dust is still a problem, use a cloth that is slightly damp to clean off any blemishes. This should be done with a very light pressure and then dried off with a clean cloth.

To gain a glorious shine, they can be sprayed with furniture polish. If the plantation shutters are made of wood, never use soap or water on them. This will cause unsightly warping since wetness can be absorbed and then unevely shrink. Also, do not use any liquid cleaners on the wood for the same reason.

If the plantation shutters are waterproof, they will be made of vinyl. Vinyl shutters will not warp and a damp cloth will not affect them in any negative way. Sticky spots found on these shutters can be cleaned with just a bit of dish detergent mixed with water. This solution can be used to wipe them and then rinse them as you go along. Then just by using plain water, the leftover residue can be removed and then dried with a cloth.

Using a fabric dryer sheet can help to avoid the accumulation of dust. It can be rubbed on both sides of the shutters after they are closed. These sheets are anti-static and will repel the dust that tries to land on the slats.