Plantation Shutters are not just a product, but an investment. Shutters last decades if well-cared for and can increase the value of a home. The main parts of a shutter panel are the top rail, mid-rail, bottom rail, louvers, which allow as much light as you want, a stile on each side and tilt rods in the center of the louvers. Usually, when shutters are damaged, the injury is fixable. This guide will show some situations and how to fix it. Depending on how severe the damage is, you can fix your shutters yourself.

The most noticeable problem you could have is a broken louver. Not only is this ugly, but it lets too much light in. One of the most common causes of a louver falling out-of-place is a dog chewing on them. This is a simple problem to fix. Just call a local shutter manufacturer. They will measure the louver and create a new one. After it can be put in on location without having to remove the entire shutter panel.

A similar problem is when the louver is displaced by popping out, but not damaged. Funny enough, become dislodged has been linked to children hanging on them or adults drying clothes on them. This is another simple fix. The louver pins are drilled into the stiles and hold the louvers in place. If the louver fell out, just use a screwdriver to depress the pin, move it back in place and retighten. If missing, call a local manufacturer, and they could probably replace it.

Plantation Shutters use magnets to tightly close the shutters. A common problem is the plastic casing of the magnets breaking down over the years of abuse from the direct sunlight. The shutter manufacturer should sell replacement magnets. They should be able to put them in for you but these can easily be done yourself. Just use a Phillips head screwdriver and unscrew the old ones and screw in the new ones. Another easy fix with the screwdriver is if the louvers don’t stay open. If this happens, it is usually loosened tension screws, which are on both sides of the panel. Just tighten them up to fix the issue.

A bigger issue that happens is when the shutter panel or frame itself is damaged. It’s rare for this to occur but accidents happen. If the shutter panel is smashed, or the frame is damaged, the best thing to do is to call professionals to handle it. Another issue is when the shutters need to be removed and reinstalled. Removing windows requires removing the shutters and certain windows may require different frames. Professionals will help with the project.

Painting your plantation shutters is a common occurrence. Call the professionals, and they will take the shutter panels off and spray them the color you asked for. The frame will stay attached to the window. Your painter will handle that as he’s doing the other areas you were repainting. The professionals will hook the frame back in place. When damage or issues arise, just look at the guide or call a professional. Shutters should be with you for years.