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  • How to Shorten Window Blinds

    Posted on August 31 2019

    Window Blinds are a commodity that most people own or have owned. You move to a new house and your old windows were longer than the new ones. You bought new blinds and mistakenly got them too long. If you notice that your blinds are bunched up at window sill, you bought blinds that are too long for your window. Most people ignore this. To create a more aesthetically pleasing look with your blinds takes very little time. Wooden, vinyl or plastic horizontal window blinds can be shortened to fit your window frames. The only tools that will be required are a sharp pair of scissors, a marker and possibly a small rubber mallet.

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  • Solar Shades Offer Versatile Lighting and Privacy Options

    Posted on July 14 2019

    While there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to window coverings, solar shades possess a number of features that curtains, blinds and other types of window coverings are unable to provide. From superior privacy and the ability to block light from outside the home more effectively to unique and eye-catching designs able to compliment a wider range of surroundings, a solar shade can often be the best option for window treatments. Learning more about what makes these shades unique can allow home and property owners to more easily find and select window coverings that may be better suited to their needs.

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  • Window Shades, Blinds and Coverings That Won't Damage Walls

    Posted on June 30 2019

    Shades and blinds that make it easier to control interior light levels have an important role to play. Too much or too little natural light can make it all but impossible to create a more comfortable environment. While there are no shortage of hardware options available, renters are often limited to only those window coverings that can be mounted without causing harm to the walls, surfaces or surroundings. From tension rods to temporary hooks, there are plenty of ways that rental tenants may be able to cover their windows without having to worry about their security deposit.

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  • Window Treatments: A Few Key Things to Remember

    Posted on June 15 2019

    When decorating an interior space, finding the right window treatment for a room can be daunting. Tasks like finding the right size, color or type of window treatments needed to achieve the look you're after can be down right mind boggling! But, it doesn't have to be. Using the tips covered here can make achieving the look you imagined for your space easy as 1 2 3!

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  • Stylish Window Treatment Ideas

    Posted on May 30 2019

    Windows are a great addition to the interior décor and style of your home. How you choose to dress them plays a huge role in your interior décor and how it complements the rest of your house. Many looks are available for you to style your window and protect it. For individuals that live in isolated and wooded areas, you can leave them uncovered for a modern, sleek look. This, however, is not an option for people that live in busy neighborhoods and close to streets.

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  • Tips for Window Treatment Issues

    Posted on May 20 2019

    Window treatments are both functional and visual. Curtains function to control light and privacy, and beautiful colors and textures accent the room.

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  • How To Choose The Right Window Treatments

    Posted on April 20 2019

    Window treatments are essential when redesigning indoor spaces. When considering window treatments, we need to think about a lot of factors to arrive at what works perfectly. Unfortunately, these add-ons come as an afterthought for most homeowners. You will need to ask yourself a few critical questions to ensure you choose the right window treatment. What is your goal? Are you considering window treatment to increase privacy? Do you need more light in your room? Here is everything you need to know.

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  • What Everyone Should Know about Window Treatments - Part II

    Posted on March 29 2019

    Window treatments are very important. The primary goal of window treatments is to install the elements that will help enhance the windows and the entire room. Window treatments are primarily divided into 3 categories. There are soft window treatments, such as curtains, drapes and sheers. There are hard treatments such as wood, blinds, and shades. Then there is the layered treatment, which combines hard and soft treatments. With that being said, here is a look at some different types of window treatments.

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  • Overtones Review

    Posted on July 20 2017

    We have been selling Comfortex Window Treatments for over 20 years, they’re a great company.  A few months ago they re-launched one of the prettiest and most versatile shades we’ve ever sold.  It’s called the Comfortex Overtone.  It has been redesigned, has more fabric options, and has really been refined over the first generation.  It has become one of our most popular shades and for good reason. The shade’s fabric vanes can be opened at any height allowing you to see through a sheer.  They are double sided roller shades that bypass each other while raising or lowering the shade.  They have a nicely finished fabric wrapped headrail and the bottom rail is also fabric wrapped.  I think the bottom rail is a very nice touch and a definite improvement over the last generation.

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  • Everything you wanted to know about Window Treatments.

    Posted on August 09 2014

    2 inch Horizontal Blind: Pros: affordable, versatile, practical, provide a high level of light blockage and control, several different manufacturers to choose from. Cons: Not a blind designed to be raised and lowered a lot. Best suited to turning the louvers, due to weight at larger sizes. Dust collector.

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