Windows are a great addition to the interior décor and style of your home. How you choose to dress them plays a huge role in your interior décor and how it complements the rest of your house. Many looks are available for you to style your window and protect it. For individuals that live in isolated and wooded areas, you can leave them uncovered for a modern, sleek look. This, however, is not an option for people that live in busy neighborhoods and close to streets.

Luckily, there are plenty of Window Treatments ideas for you if you need to add style to your home. If you find your curtains do not fit your current minimalist furnishings or your blinds do not complement your modern taste, you are spoilt for choice with alternatives. Listed below are some Window Treatments ideas that protect your privacy but still allow you to show off your style.

Window Finishes

There are plenty of glass alternatives that you can pick from to let in light to your home but still ensure your privacy. These glass finishes are designed to protect your household items from sun exposure while cooling and heating your home appropriately. These glass alternatives are perfect for people that are allergic to dust and pet hairs that curtains collect. They include:

Frosted glass: this treatment hides unsightly views from passersby without disrupting your view to the outside world. To achieve this treatment, use spraying products on your window or cover with semi-transparent contact paper. You also have an option to treat part or whole of the window.

Decorative adhesive film: this offers you countless options from colored graphics, stained glass, and glow-in-the-dark styles. On the bright side, adhesive films are removable. Thus, each time you switch your interior décor, you can switch your adhesive film to fit the style.

Screens: screens can make a bold architectural statement in your home, and they also allow air circulation when you use the retractable ones

Folding screens: these are appropriate for people with allergens because they do not harbor dust or pet hairs. They are temporary, providing you with a decorative and straightforward Window Treatments option for short term use.

Shades and Shutters

Window shades: window shades have evolved over recent years with new fabrics that now filter out UV light. Many shades can be controlled remotely to lower and rise, making them more efficient. You can get the fabric in any pattern that complements your décor.

Shutters: adjustable louvers and solid-panel shutters can be customized to match your room's color scheme and complement it. You can also replace the slats for a more personalized look of your own.


Artwork: this Window Treatments alternative allows your artwork to multitask in the room. Place the artwork below the window to beautify it and also provide privacy.

Posters or maps: you can turn maps and posters into shades to provide privacy in the evening and also add color to the room.

Signs: you can use signs that are in neon or vintage metal to make your kitchen whimsical.