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  • Solar Shades Offer Versatile Lighting and Privacy Options

    Posted on July 14 2019

    While there are numerous options to choose from when it comes to window coverings, solar shades possess a number of features that curtains, blinds and other types of window coverings are unable to provide. From superior privacy and the ability to block light from outside the home more effectively to unique and eye-catching designs able to compliment a wider range of surroundings, a solar shade can often be the best option for window treatments. Learning more about what makes these shades unique can allow home and property owners to more easily find and select window coverings that may be better suited to their needs.

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  • How To Choose The Right Window Treatments

    Posted on April 20 2019

    Window treatments are essential when redesigning indoor spaces. When considering window treatments, we need to think about a lot of factors to arrive at what works perfectly. Unfortunately, these add-ons come as an afterthought for most homeowners. You will need to ask yourself a few critical questions to ensure you choose the right window treatment. What is your goal? Are you considering window treatment to increase privacy? Do you need more light in your room? Here is everything you need to know.

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  • Everything you wanted to know about Window Treatments.

    Posted on August 09 2014

    2 inch Horizontal Blind: Pros: affordable, versatile, practical, provide a high level of light blockage and control, several different manufacturers to choose from. Cons: Not a blind designed to be raised and lowered a lot. Best suited to turning the louvers, due to weight at larger sizes. Dust collector.

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  • Hunter Douglas' new fabric Roman shade the Solera

    Posted on September 18 2013

    [Hunter Douglas]( "") just came out with a new hobbled fabric Roman shade called the Solera. It has some very elegant fabrics that come in light filtering and blackout style. It is also cordless and stacks very smoothly and neatly into the head rail. I'm really looking forward to showing this shade, it seems we've been having a lot of requests for fabric Roman shades recently and this innovative and beautiful treatment fits that bill perfectly. Stop by and have a look or we'll bring it right to your home and let you have a look for yourself. 239-947-9660, thanks for reading.

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  • New Hunter Douglas Duette fabrics

    Posted on June 22 2013

    I just got my new Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb book in and it has every color there is it seems. The Duette line of honeycomb's is Hunter Douglas's designer brand of fabrics which is a bit more expensive, but equally as luxurious. Stop by and check them out or give us a call and we'll come to the house and show you them. With the array of colors it won't be difficult to find a perfect match with any décor.

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  • Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Blinds

    Posted on August 04 2012

    People who like the idea of making their home as energy efficient as possible without sacrificing beauty, or practicality, should consider the idea of getting honeycomb shades. These shades come in a variety of different colors, opacities, as well as different pleat sizes and your choice of single, double, or triple cell design. Which options you choose depend on the decor of your home and the amount of light you want to come in through the shades.  Also they can come in top up, bottom down, adding to the versitility of the shade.  Also we offer two excellent choices as far as lifting mechanisms go.  Cordless, or the tried and true continuous cord loop.  Hunter Douglas makes the smoothest cordless shades around and their cord loops are second to none.

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