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  • Window Shades, Blinds and Coverings That Won't Damage Walls

    Posted on June 30 2019

    Shades and blinds that make it easier to control interior light levels have an important role to play. Too much or too little natural light can make it all but impossible to create a more comfortable environment. While there are no shortage of hardware options available, renters are often limited to only those window coverings that can be mounted without causing harm to the walls, surfaces or surroundings. From tension rods to temporary hooks, there are plenty of ways that rental tenants may be able to cover their windows without having to worry about their security deposit.

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  • What are Plantation Shutters

    Posted on April 10 2019

    Different parts of your home may require different window treatment considerations. North-facing windows may be colder and experience more wind. West-facing windows can be hotter with later direct sunlight. Cafe style shutters are a workable solution to the evening sun. The louvers in the bottom half of the shutter close independently from the top half. The bright sun is blocked at eye level, and the top louver allows ample light to stream in. Windows closest to the street may be noisier. Your window installation advisor can answer all your questions.v

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  • Everything you wanted to know about Window Treatments.

    Posted on August 09 2014

    2 inch Horizontal Blind: Pros: affordable, versatile, practical, provide a high level of light blockage and control, several different manufacturers to choose from. Cons: Not a blind designed to be raised and lowered a lot. Best suited to turning the louvers, due to weight at larger sizes. Dust collector.

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  • Tried and True, the vertical blind

    Posted on July 31 2012

    There are three main types of vertical blind window coverings as far as pricing goes. The least expensive is the basic smooth PVC veins, that come in white, off white, and baige. These are a no frills but very servicable PVC, the quality of our smooth is leaps and bounds above the product that a do it yourself store like the Home Depot offers. Not to mention our tracks are superior to everybodys, I personally make them. The second type and probably most popular is the textured PVC. There are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from.

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