There are three main types of vertical blind window coverings as far as pricing goes. The least expensive is the basic smooth PVC veins, that come in white, off white, and baige. These are a no frills but very servicable PVC, the quality of our smooth is leaps and bounds above the product that a do it yourself store like the Home Depot offers. Not to mention our tracks are superior to everybodys, I personally make them. The second type and probably most popular is the textured PVC. There are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. The third type of vertical vein is fabric. Fabric can be a bit more complex than the PVC only because the actual price of the blind depends on the fabric you choose. There are different grades of fabrics. The least expensive grade of fabric is about the exact same cost as a textured PVC vein. Fabric verticals are great for letting a soft light through the material and into your home. Typically we put fabric in rooms such as the living room. In bedrooms we prefer to use a PVC to keep the sun out as much as possible.

A lot of people love the Hunter Douglas Luminnette, with good reason, it’s probably the most beautiful and elegent blind we sell. Unfortunatley the price is equal to its beauty. A great comprimise is a fabric vertical, which does a lot of the same things, but at a fraction of the price. In our showroom we have all of our samples hanging and just waiting for you to pick out a winner. So please stop on by Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and take a look at one of our most trusted products, among others.