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  • Hunter Douglas 16 foot center stack vertiglide

    Posted on May 17 2014

    We just installed this Vertiglide this week, it's a bit unusual because it's so large. It's a Hunter Douglas, Applause, Lifescape fabric, and I think it turned out great, have a look for yourself.This guy, all 16 feet of it, is as big as we can go on one headrail. Let's say you have a 20 foot slider, in that case we'd have to do two individual 10 footers, one going left one right. The Hunter Douglas Vertiglide is now the most popular treatment for the sliders. #1 in energy efficiency and it's the only product that the stack when open practically disappears. It has replace my beloved vertical blinds, but we still sell a lot of the verticals, just not as many. Thanks for reading.

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  • New Vertical Blinds & Window Coverings in our Showroom

    Posted on March 20 2014

    Sometimes we get so busy installing and repairing other peoples window treatments we forget to take care of and upgrade ours in the showroom.  I’ve got a couple of blinds that I’ve made fun of for years that I’m not going to miss one bit.  We were joking the other day that one reason why folks are so happy with their new blinds is that after seeing the showroom sample their expectations were blown away.  We had this ugly black and yellow honeycomb with cord locks on it that drove me crazy.  First off, we won’t even sell a blind with a cord lock, and second, nobody orders black or yellow honeycombs.

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  • Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Rebates

    Posted on February 12 2014

    Our two main suppliers of window treatments, Hunter Douglas and Comfortex, are currently giving some rebates for some of their products.  Comfortex is giving a $25 Rebate for every 2 inch Shangri-La Sheer Horizontal Treatment, Cellular Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb, and Persona Roman Shade.  Also they are giving a $50 Rebate for 3 inch Shangri-La’s, and Odysee Cellular Blinds.  These rebates are one for every shade ordered and are good until April 30th.

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  • Window Treatment Cords & Child Safety

    Posted on January 04 2014

    Just recently I've had a couple customers that have been upset by the fact that we won't allow a free hanging weight on vertical blinds like in the past. The reason for this is that Federal Law has told us this is illegal due to children and pets getting caught in the cord loops and choking. We are mandated to fasten all cords to the wall with a tension pulley.

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  • Hunter Douglas Solera is fantastic!!

    Posted on December 28 2013

    The newest edition to the Hunter Douglas family is the Hobbled Roman Shade called the Solera.  It is beautiful, elegant, and easy to operate.  What I really like best about it is the way it compacts so neatly at the top head rail when it's open, unlike traditional romans that have a lot of "stack."  It comes in light filtering and room darkening options.  And similar to the honeycomb's design, it has pockets that are designed to make the shade more energy efficient.  I just ordered a Solera sample for our showroom this and should have it up next week.  Stop by the showroom and have a look at all our products on display, or as always we'll bring the samples and come right to you. 

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  • What is openness factor on Sunscreens?

    Posted on October 26 2013

    Sunscreens come in many varieties from colors and styles to how much light they allow into your home.  The four main styles of sunscreens are 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10%.  On the picture above my sample shows the differences seamed together.  3% is on top, 5% in the middle and 10% on the bottom.  The easiest way to think about it is if you have a 3% sunscreen, we're stopping 97% of the light from coming through.

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  • Hunter Douglas' new fabric Roman shade the Solera

    Posted on September 18 2013

    [Hunter Douglas]( "") just came out with a new hobbled fabric Roman shade called the Solera. It has some very elegant fabrics that come in light filtering and blackout style. It is also cordless and stacks very smoothly and neatly into the head rail. I'm really looking forward to showing this shade, it seems we've been having a lot of requests for fabric Roman shades recently and this innovative and beautiful treatment fits that bill perfectly. Stop by and have a look or we'll bring it right to your home and let you have a look for yourself. 239-947-9660, thanks for reading.

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  • Voted Bonita's Best for the 15th strait year!

    Posted on July 20 2013

    We are proud to announce that we were voted Bonita's Best for window treatments for the 15th consecutive year (1999-2013). We are only one of two companies that have won the award every year the "Best Of" have been offered. We would like to thank all of our customers, and all that voted for us. We look forward to serving the community for another 15 great years. Thanks again!

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  • New Hunter Douglas Duette fabrics

    Posted on June 22 2013

    I just got my new Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb book in and it has every color there is it seems. The Duette line of honeycomb's is Hunter Douglas's designer brand of fabrics which is a bit more expensive, but equally as luxurious. Stop by and check them out or give us a call and we'll come to the house and show you them. With the array of colors it won't be difficult to find a perfect match with any décor.

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  • Pleated Shades making a comeback

    Posted on May 03 2013

    For several years now the pleated shade had been replaced by the honeycomb shade. But now they’re making a comeback. We have just received our new Hunter Douglas pleated shade book and there are a lot of new fabrics and styles to choose from.

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