Sunscreens come in many varieties from colors and styles to how much light they allow into your home.  The four main styles of sunscreens are 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10%.  On the picture above my sample shows the differences seamed together.  3% is on top, 5% in the middle and 10% on the bottom.  The easiest way to think about it is if you have a 3% sunscreen, we're stopping 97% of the light from coming through.  You can still see through it, but the weave is much tighter than a 10%.  Companies make screens that are more open than 10% but what's the point in having a window treatment that doesn't block much of anything.  Our preferred openness factor is 5%.  It is the perfect balance of light protection while still giving you the ability to clearly see through it.  The sample below is here in the showroom and really helps decipher the differences.

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Window Treatment Sunscreen Openness factors