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Motorized blinds are better than ever.  Hunter Douglas has made significant improvements in automated treatments with the launch of their new PowerView.  The shades are quieter, they’re easier to program, they run in sync better, the new app makes operating them from your phone easy, and they’re less expensive than previous motorization options.

We just installed three new PowerView shades in the showroom and it’s been a lot of fun setting up scenes and exploring all the different options that are possible.  With the PowerView Hub I am able to set and save favorite positions and coordinate exact times to have the shades operate automatically.  I can also access the shades from my phone from anywhere, anytime with the PowerView Hub and App.

In the past we usually recommended a manual control over motorization unless it was truly necessary.  That’s mainly because we didn’t have enough faith that it was as reliable as a manual, it was good, just not as good.  This is different though, the thought and technology put into this system has made us believers.

Please visit our showroom to see all three PowerView shades in action.

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