Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Energy Efficiency

One criteria of a window treatment that is often overlooked is its energy efficiency.

Cellular shades are the most energy efficient treatments available.  The pocket of air inside the shades do a marvelous job of keeping heat trapped inside the space between the window glass and the shade.  The honeycomb and Solera Roman shades are such cellular shades.

Plantation shutters aren't a cellular design but 3/8ths of an inch of poplar wood is an excellent insulatior in its own right. 

Sunscreen roller shades are also excellent at keeping heat out, especially on the patio.  Here in the showroom we face due east.  I took the temperature of the glass a while ago, it was 138 degrees.  I moved the thermomator over to the sunscreen on the front door, the temperature dropped to 93 degrees.  I couldn't believe it was that drastic in a shade that I can see through.  The honeycomb was the winner but it didn't beat the sunscreen by much, it came in at 89-90 degrees.  

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