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Sheer window shadings are not only the most beautiful window treatments around, they also happen to be the most versitile in many regards.  The "Big 3" sheer shades are the Hunter Douglas Silhouette, Hunter Douglas Pirouette, and the Comfortex Overtones.  

Almost every window treatment falls into one of two categories, blinds, or window shades.  With a blind you have louvers that are manipulated to allow maximum light control and privacy.  With a window shade it's usually up or down, they are typically prettier but at the cost of that coveted versatility.  This is where the sheer shadings really seperate from the pack.  Not only can they be closed for a very traditonal roman shade look but they also have fabric louvers that can be turned to allow you to see through the sheer without having to raise the treatment.  It's the best of both worlds, and they are beautiful.  

All three operate slightly differently but produce a similar appearance.  The Silhouette has fabric vanes that are encased by two layers of sheers, the vanes rotate open once the blind has reached the bottom of the window.  The Silhouette has three vane sizes, 2, 3, and 4 inch louvers are available.  The Pirouette operates very similarly except it only has one sheer layer and the vanes open from the bottom.

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